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"When the stars align..."


and how can they predict life events

Nothing stands still...


At the very moment of your birth, your birth chart was created. Your birth chart is unique, one of a kind, there will never be an identical birth chart to yours. You are that special, only made once.


The universe is in constant movement, forever evolving. After your birth, the stars kept traveling through the sky, creating a never ending conversations with your Birth chart.


Transits refer to the movements of planets from one zodiac sign to another and through the degrees of it. This means the planets move through your personal birth chart wheel as well, transiting the houses of your chart wheel in a circular motion. 


Movements of planets also create orbital aspects to your natal chart's planets and points which are referred to as transits to your birth chart.


Transits can predict life events, reveal important 

lessons, and suggest doors of opportunities. 

As we say "timing is everything" and "When the stars align..."


Learn how the transiting planets affect your life.

2021's Yearly Numerology vibration is


Change * Movement * Transformation

2021 is about change and movement, the kind of change which takes place abruptly and unexpectedly. Why? because we are half way through the 9 year life cycle and radical movement must take place in order to allow massive transformation. Sometimes these are blessed, welcomed changes and sometimes they bring complete distraction and chaos. 

5 is the number of freedom and movement, stale and stuck energy will feel exceptionally uncomfortable. 

 2020 was about structure, the examination and the enforcement of it. 2021 is a year to shake the status quo. The tamed approach of 2020, the precision, the calculation, is getting a visit from the dynamic 5. Change is at the core of 2021, change which brings unrecognizable results. You won't know how much has actually changed till the year is over.  

The more adaptive you will be, the less kicking and screaming there will be.

And in case you didn't know, 2022 will be the year to seek balance again. 


2017 was about beginnings, exciting initiations of new projects and visions. 2018 was about working on the details of those visions, trusting intuition, and learning patience and cooperation. 2019 was about self expression, finding a creative 'voice' and breaking free from previous confinements.

2020 was a year to go after those projects with grit and precision and 2021 is the year to let life transform in front of you. 

In 2021 Jupiter is in Aquarius enhancing the 5 vibration, bringing even more radical changes.

5 is the collective vibration for 2021, find out what is your personal vibration for 2021 in a special numerology forecast I put together.


2020's Yearly Numerology vibration is


Calculated * Disciplined * Structured

2020 is about the formation of a stable foundation and a mature planning into the future. Through discipline, focused work and calculated efforts results are now possible, yes results. 2019 was missing the stability this year focuses on. It is a great year to ground previous year dreams by putting together realistic goals and going after them with passion, determination and precision. This year will demand stability and predictability. 

Whatever your plans are, get serious!

The more grounded with your vision you will be, the more in a flow you will feel.

Stay focused and take advantage of 2020's stable energy as 2021 will bring on unexpected surprises. 

2017 was about beginnings, exciting initiations of new projects and visions. 2018 was about working on the details of new visions, trusting intuition, learning patience and cooperation with others. 2019 was about self expression, finding a creative 'voice' and breaking free from previous confinements.

2020 is the year to go after those projects with grit. 

In 2020 Jupiter is in Capricorn enhancing the 4 vibration, demanding even more order and structure.

4 is the collective vibration for 2020, find out what is your personal vibration for 2020 in a special numerology forecast I put together.

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