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Planetary movements influence our everyday experiences and trending events.

To learn about how the planets affect your personal life and to master the plan, please click here > 


Area of your life and temporary trends which are taking a center stage at a given Astrological month.


The movements of the moon temporarily affect our emotions and our internal feeling of security. Life events are related to the movements of the moon. 

FULL MOON- Final fruition of events and with it endings of a cycle.

NEW  MOON- New beginnings.


Temporarily affect the flow of communications, contracts and other negotiations.

Our ability to rationalize, analyze, think and process information. 



Short developments in relationships and finances. Influences attractiveness and the sense of self worth.


Stimulates Drive, motivation and  action. Sudden impulses, arguments, aggression, sexual urges and overall trends in  physical energy.    


Luck and blessings. New expansions and spiritual growth.  Travel opportunities. School and study. Elevates confidence, sense of well-being and inspiration.


Delays and lessons in order to show us where we are lacking discipline. Brings new ways to create structure and order in our life.

Demands to create long term lasting success. Time of hard work and taking the more traditional and tested route.


A need to break free. Becoming bored with what is familiar and known. Open mindedness and willingness to change. Time of genius ideas, out of the box thinking. Sudden unexpected changes and impulses. Connecting to friends, groups and masses of people.


Deep and intense transformation. Challenges to our personal power. 

Healing fear and intense emotions. Fated meetups. Increased sexuality. Developments related to  shared resources. Dealing with death or the passing of a loved one.


Brings to our attention  weaknesses which must heal. Time of humanitarian and selfless service. May affect health by increased sensitivity. Spiritual awakening, increased

imagination. Dealing with illusion, delusions, confusion and addiction.

To learn about how the planets affect your personal life and to master the plan, Please click here >

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