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Kids & Teens

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Parenting doesn't come with an instruction manual. The soul though enters the physical dimension well quipped with its blueprint manual- the birth chart.   

This reading was created to help you understand your child on many levels. 

This knowledge is vital in empowering your child to express themselves freely.

It will answer:

-Why did your child choose this physical life and what they came here to accomplish.

- What are your child's emotional needs and how does it play in the way they express themselves and deal with their environment.

- Talents and gifts.

- Personality overview and ways to build confidence.

- Their innermost fears and struggles.

- The way they interact with the world around them.

- Important events in their childhood, trends and probable interests which will shape their future.


How do you want to be heard?



Created with my teenager daughter.

This empowering reading was created to gently inspire and assist teenagers on their search for purpose and direction.  

I wanted to reach young spirits before they go out into the adult life and submerge themselves to external limitations. I want to witness in the world a new generation, who is aware of their limitless potential. I strive to spread this new awareness to the following generations to come.  

The purpose of this reading is to inspire teens for growth and empowerment. To stimulate confidence in who they are meant to be and break down limiting beliefs.

-A combination of Astrology and Numerology, career and life path focused.


I am aware teens have limited access to funds, therefore this reading is highly discounted. It was created for teens to be purchased by teens.

Up to 18 years of age. 



Key Basics 

- Child's full name at birth as written in birth certificate.

- birth date.

- Accurate birth time 

- location. (City, state, Country)

Accuracy of this consultation will depend on the accuracy of the above information.

Teen Power 

- Your full name at birth as written in your birth certificate.

- birth date.

- birth time *optional, though recommended.

- location. (City, state, Country) *optional, though recommended.

Accuracy of this consultation will depend on the accuracy of the above information.



I am a consultant, I self studied everything I know and I deliver information based on the knowledge I acquired and my intuitive impressions.

Only one can do for oneself, It is up to the receiver to successfully implement the information I give into their life. 

I encourage everyone to tap into their own inner wisdom when receiving information from an outside source.

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