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About me

I want to illuminate the path for many by sharing the wisdom I have acquired via my unique life experience and the expansive knowledge I was given through an open channel with Spirit. 


Along my soul-searching journey, I developed a special interest in Astrology, Numerology, and Feng Shui. I could feel the energy in a space, the movements of planets, and how words and numbers held unique vibrations.
Astrology has really helped me understand the core meanings of who I am, what I wanted to accomplish in this life and how my soul came here to thrive. 

I discovered that the planets direct our everyday experiences. I learned that numbers and letters hold our vibrations throughout life.


Events in my life have helped me understand how what I know can be valuable to others as it brought so much light into my own life. 

My goal is to bring clarity, understanding and peace. Allow me to illuminate your path by creating a unique personal clarification for you!

Yonit B.

Awareness Specialist

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