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2021         Numerology Forecasts


Annual Forecast

This forecast is meant to guide you in the right direction based on your current vibrations. 

It will answer:

-What is your life path.

-How is it expressed in your life now.

-What is your current vibration; trends and challenges.​

-What should you focus on now.

-Do's and don't  Do's.

Annual Forecast


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This forecast is extensive and in depth. It was created to guide and direct in accordance to the contracts we each made before entering the physical dimension (Birth). It will help you grow and evolve into your utmost potential. 


It will answer:


-Who are you.

-What is your destined path.

-How are you evolving.

-what are your talents, weaknesses, strengths.

-Inner most needs.

-What energies affecting your life.

-Lucky breaks and life challenges.

-your vibrations throughout life, emphasizing on trends and highlights, with much input and guidance.

-A break down of the recent years, the coming years and your power now.



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Powerful You Forecast

This reading is your Numerology 'Birth chart'.

It will analyze your most important  numbers in your birth date and Birth name.

It was created to empower and inspire you, revealing the gifts you received in this life.


It will answer:

-Who are you.

-What is your destined path.

-How are you evolving.

-What are your talents, weaknesses and strengths.

-Inner needs. 

Powerful You Forecast


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