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Have you wondered to yourself..

Why did I choose my life?

What did I come here to accomplish?

Why certain challenges always seem to find me?

What do I need to do to achieve the  success I want?


Astrology and Numerology integration, revealing the blueprint of the soul and the contracts which were made before entering the physical dimension.

A thorough, in depth, reading into those contracts using the wisdom of the planets and the vibrations within the letters in your name and the numbers in your birth date and how do they reveal your soul path and your mission on earth.  


This reading will analyze the movements of the planets through your birth-chart while revealing your soul evolution, personality, gifts and challenges. How do they all play part in your life events and what are the opportunities for growth.


It will shed light on your self sabotaging habits, repeated patterns and the energies which must transform into their highest and most evolved expression in this lifetime. 


Life is an individualized Master Plan. Find out yours in the 2 months/ 4 hour personal mastery program.





Intuitive Messages from the cards.

Spirit Guidance.


For a discounted price, additional guidance from the cards can be added to any reading. 

This reading in an add-on and will not be valid if purchased through this link without purchasing another reading.



Annual 12 months Forecast

This forecast was created to guide and direct the 12 months ahead. It focuses on shifts and trends in your life and the empowering guidance to overcome the challenges and take advantage of the opportunities which lies ahead. The purpose is growth and evolvement.

This reading combines both Astrology and Numerology.

The guidance is in consideration with 

the soul contracts which were made before physical conception and how do they play in your life in the next 12 months.

It will answer:

-What is your life path.

-How is it expressed in your life now.

-What are your current life events, blessings, lessons and challenges. 

-Transits and planetary movements affecting your life in the next 12 months.

-What should you focus on.

-Do's and don't  Do's.

-Clarity and wisdom by understanding the 'why' behind life events.


How do you want to be heard?



Do you have a question?


Confused about life events and would like immediate guidance from the planets?

 If you are facing a life challenge or would like to shed some light over a situation or a heartache then this is the reading for you. 

Life doesn't just happen, everything is in alignment with your spirit highest good and is part of a bigger plan. 


This reading will give you clarity and overview of current life events and the remedy to overcome the challenges using the wisdom of your birth chart. 




Extensive and in depth Numerology overview. Created to guide and direct in accordance to the soul contracts. Overview of the vibrations throughout your life and guidance on how to grow and evolve into your true potential.


It will answer:

-What is your destined path.

-How are you evolving.

-What are your talents, passions, inner needs, challenges, weaknesses and strengths.

-Your vibrations throughout life.

-A breakdown of the recent years, the

coming years and your power now.


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