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Numerology Unlocked

Extensive and in depth Numerology overview. Created to guide and direct in accordance to the soul contract. 

An overview of the energetic vibrations throughout life and how to evolve into your utmost potential using your numerological vibrations.

It will answer:


- What is your destined path.


- How are you evolving.


Your vibrations throughout life and the events they may bring.


- A clarifying breakdown of the recent years, the coming years and your power now. 


30 min/ $90



The following information is needed:


- a full name as written in birth certificate.


- full birth date.


**Accuracy of this consultation will depend on the accuracy of the above information.


I am a consultant, I self studied everything I know and I deliver information based on the knowledge I acquired and my intuitive impressions.

Only one can do for oneself, It is up to the receiver to successfully implement the information I give into their life. 

I encourage everyone to tap into their own inner wisdom when receiving information from an outside source.

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