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The moment your soul entered your physical body, it vibrated in perfect alignment with your destiny.

The stars were telling the story of where you came from and where your path may lead you and your name, was no coincidence. They were all revealing your soul's journey on its quest back to your truth! 



Start Your Magical Journey Now


Card Reading

I am an intuitive Tarot and Oracle card reader and offers card readings as an add on for extra guidance or as a reading by itself.


Numerology Unlocked

Extensive and indepth Numerology overview. 

A deep dive into energetic vibrations throughout life; their meanings and the events they may bring.  


Soul Contracts

A deep dive into the soul contracts which were made before birth.

Astrology and Numerology integration; in depth overview of where your soul migrated from and how in this life it is striving to reach fullest potential.  

We are never alone, always loved, supported, and catered for.

It is up to us to choose to see the Light. 

When we open our hearts to the endless possibilities, we realize abundance was and is the only way we were meant to exist.

Yonit B.

Awareness Specialist

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